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This Whistleblower Goes to Places You’ve Never Been To Before …

william tompkins nazi ufo haunebu

Is William Tompkins the most important whistleblower ever? His story exposes Nazi UFO technology & ET interference. This has been going on since before WW2! Pictured above is an artist rendition of a Nazi UFO named “Haunebu”.

William Tompkins is one of the most

incredible whistleblowers to step forward. The depth and implications of his testimony are nothing short of astounding. Of course, there will always be those who refuse to believe his story, since he is an ET (Extraterrestrial) whistleblower. Tompkins claims he was part of an operation involving US Navy spies who stole UFO plans and antigravity technological secrets from the Nazis during the height of World War 2. He asserts he personally distributed some of these stolen secrets as information packages to the CEOs of leading American corporations involved in the military and space industries. Furthermore, William Tompkins says he actually worked alongside ETs – Nordic alien women who looked indistinguishable from humans and who were working as his secretaries. Additionally, he reveals that the Nazis already had operational UFOs during the war, and because of the information that the US spies were able to obtain, the US later developed its own fleet of UFOs – which then got siphoned off into the black military sphere under the control of MJ 12 (aka MJ-12 or Majestic 12), the ultra secretive group that came into existence in the 1940s to “manage” the UFO/alien issue.

maria orsic

Maria Orsic of the Thule Society.

The Nazis, the Psychics and the Reptilians

To understand this tale and put it in historical context, we have to go all the way back to before World War 2 began. You may have heard of Secret Societies that were in existence around the time of the rise of Hitler and the Nazis, such as the Thule Society and the Vril Society. An extremely talented young woman, Maria Orsic, managed to make contact with alien civilizations and channel information from them. It is widely reported that one of these civilizations was from the planet Aldebaran, which is located is the Taurus system. According to Tompkins, the Nazis were in contact with Extraterrestrial Reptilians at the same time as Orsic was doing her channeling. Hitler found out about Orsic, her abilities and the fact she was receiving information that detailed how to construct UFOs. Again, according to Tompkins, Hitler allowed Orsic (and the Nordics with whom she was working) to continue work on their UFO program, because the Nazis were already in contact with the Reptilians – and because Hitler knew he could always come in take over Orsic’s project at any time.

Robert Wood, who was interviewed alongside William Tompkins by Search4TruthReality (part 1, part 2 and part 3), claims that the Nazis’ technology rapidly advanced due to their relationship with the Reptilians, such that they actually got to far side of the moon before end of WW2. Wood is a veteran expert in the UFO field himself, having been given the task early in his career (when he was working at Douglas) to analyze how UFOs worked. He was given $500,000 to disseminate UFO documents and $250,000 to make a UFO documentary. Later, Robert and his son Ryan scanned hundreds of MJ 12 documents and made them available on their website

The Battle of Los Angeles: Back in 1942 Where It All Started for Tompkins …

Now, fast forward to 1942, where the tale begins for Tompkins. The world is exactly in the middle of World War 2. The 2 brutal dictators Hitler and Stalin are commanding armies engaged in long battles with high fatalities on both sides. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to almost the entire world population except for a few insiders, the Nazis are deep into a secret UFO project. Having obtained plans and schematics from a group of female channelers (one of whom was named Maria Orsic), the Nazis already have operational UFO craft, such as the Haunebu (top image).

During all of this, almost on the other side of the world to Moscow, on February 24-25, 1942, UFOs fly over the LA sky for hours. Tompkins, who is still a boy in high school, watches the UFOs all night. The incident later becomes known as the infamous Battle of Los Angeles. Several weeks later he is pulled out of high school to work in the military, and his life takes on a whole new direction.

william tompkins battle of LA los angeles

Close up shot of UFO in the Battle of Los Angeles, Feb. 24-25th, 1942.

William Tompkins Gets Closer to the ET Secret

According to William Tompkins himself, he was recruited at a young age by the Navy due to his precocious ability to build highly accurate model ships. After working at North American Aviation and Northrop, he was hired by Douglas Aircraft Company in 1950. There he worked as a draftsman under a group partly controlled by Navy personnel who used to work for James Forrestal, Secretary of the Navy from 1944-1947 and Secretary of Defense from 1947-1949, a man who also took JFK under his wing and who may have been responsible for JFK’s later interest in UFOs. Forrestal was said to have jumped or fallen out of a high window and thus died in suspicious circumstances. It appears he knew too much and had to be eliminated because he went against the prevailing NWO agenda of secrecy regarding the alien issue. Apparently, Forrestal was an ET contactee. Forrestal chose Admiral Rico Botta, who in turn chose William Tompkins. It seems both Forrestal and Botta were guided to choose someone under them who was open to the extraterrestrial reality, someone who could handle the (colossal) truth. (For more on Rico Botta see this article.)

JFK curtis lemay

JFK, left, with Curtis LeMay, right. LeMay was another one of those aggressive generals who disliked Kennedy. Image credit: AP

The Start of MJ 12

In interviews such as with Project Camelot (part 1 and part 2) and in his book Selected by Extraterrestrials, Tompkins reveals much of his story. He explains how the ultra secretive group MJ 12 began – not in 1947 after Roswell as many imagine. Tompkins explains it actually began in 1942 with the senior Douglas (the man who started the company Douglas). Tompkins states that right after Battle of LA in 1942, in order to handle the implications of UFOs openly showing themselves in the skies, that Douglas pulled some key men into a group (or think tank) which later became MJ 12. The group included 2 admirals and 2 generals, one of whom was Curtis LeMay – another man who disliked JFK and who, during the Cold War, was prepared to launch a preemptive nuclear strike against the Soviet Union. Robert Wood states that MJ 12 is mostly associated mostly with Air Force, not other branches of the US military.

Stealing Nazi Secrets

During WW2, US Navy operatives were embedded inside the Nazi military. They were able to get data (including pictures) of the Nazi UFOs and relay the information back to the US. Tompkins explains how the information went through his superior, Rico Botta, who chose an ingenious way to handle the subject: by not classifying it all. If he had given it top secret classification or another high classification, it may have attracted unwanted attention. So, he chose to not classify it at all! This is the technique known as hiding the truth in plain sight.

Tompkins was assigned the job of handing out packages containing this information to the CEOs and leaders of private military corporations. Unfortunately, the packets didn’t contain good schematics or drawings of the Nazi technology, but were rather like chicken scratch with very little technical information. They even contained hieroglyphics (not the German language) since the operatives accessed the actual channeled information that had come via Maria Orsic!

According to Wood, the US Navy started back engineering UFO craft in 1942 (with permission from Forrestal) before MJ 12 came into existence. It took the Navy around a decade to produce functional UFO craft, but they did so eventually. Tompkins went on to join TRW, an important space think tank which was formed around 1958-59 according to him. It also came out of a Douglas think tank (just as MJ 12 had). It had unlimited funds. Northrup borrowed money and bought TRW. They also bought the US Navy’s ship building company that builds aircraft carriers – so they could take their engineers to crawl all over 790ft aircraft carriers so they could design a 1km space craft carrier.

that's no moon death star

A famous scene from Star Wars where Obi Wan warns that the “moon” is a Death Star.

Our Moon is a Command Center

In various interviews such as with Jeff Rense, Tompkins puts forth his theory that our moon is not a natural object but rather an artificial object and command center. This aligns with what other researchers such as David Icke have warned about. Our moon doesn’t rotate, and neither do other moons of other planets. Conventional physics explains this is because of a tidal lock, but is it perhaps because these artificial objects are hiding something on their dark sides facing away from their host planet?

Tompkins states that when the first astronauts went to the moon, they were shocked to discover it was already occupied – by Draco Reptilians. He says the Reptilians, over 9 foot tall, were standing there next to their advanced craft. He jokes that the Reptilians “gave us the finger” (i.e. acted in an unfriendly manner). According to both Tompkins and Wood, the Reptilians had already made a deal with the Nazis.

Amazingly, Tompkins himself claims he saw ancient structures on the far side of the moon and that he saw a floating building – 1.5 miles above the lunar surface!

For Tompkins, the entire Apollo 11 mission was a show. All the astronauts were Freemasons. He states that Freemasons put the plaque on the moon first, then got back in the module to do the “Neil Armstrong” show. Perhaps Armstrong should have said: “One small step for Man, one giant leap for Masonry.”

Finally, Tompkins goes deep into the conspiracy by saying that ultimately we don’t own our planet; it is a laboratory for advanced ETs to conduct experiments upon us.

reptilian patch

Another US military patch featuring the reptile theme and a Latin motto. Rough translation: “With all your bases, you’re a slave to us.”

Reptilian Control of World Governments

Tompkins states that although there are many ET species interacting with humanity right now, including Dracos/Reptilians which influence some groups and Nordics which influence other groups, that Reptilians basically control every government in the world. In his Project Camelot interview, Tompkins warns that if he talks about Reptilians and their darkest activities – which include eating humans and performing blood sacrifices – then some people will think it is so crazy that they will automatically shut down and discredit everything else he has said. Kerry Cassidy reiterates the philosophy of Project Camelot: that humans in general are not protecting themselves and are ignorant of the dangers of predatory ET species, and that therefore it is vital that those in the know go public with their knowledge and warn others – because not to do so equates to culpability. For what it’s worth, Tompkins also offer his opinion that all recent US Presidents (including Obama) have been Reptilians who could change their form – but that Donald Trump is not one of them.

Why William Tompkins? Nordic Mind Control

Nordic mind control may explain why Tompkins and why now. Tompkins tells a story in his Project Camelot interview that he come up with alternate design for the Apollo missions, and was able to present it to the top dogs as NASA, Werner von Braun and Kurt Debus. He got a large model and had to drive it (in the back of a truck) onto a highly guarded military base. Somehow, he got through with no papers and no need to show security guards anything. They even had a dolly right nearby to load and carry the model! Tompkins believes the Nordics have been helping him all along by clearing the way for him to do certain things.

So why William Tompkins? He thinks he is being given the green light, while others like him are being threatened or having their families threatened. He thinks it is because of his association with Nordic ETs, specifically 2 women and 1 man who used to be his secretaries. As an aside, he did not know for a long time that he even had ETs working for him. He only found this out when one day one of them fell down the stairs and was taken to hospital in a grave condition. He overheard her admitting she was not who she said she was and answering to another boss or captain.

Tompkins: Everything You’re Told is a Lie

William Tompkins likes to say throughout his interviews that everything you’re told is a lie”. He claims that many of the systems and sciences we pursue, such as astronomy, medicine, etc., have been seeded with lies to trick us. This harks back to his claim that every government on Earth right now is under Reptilian control. Whether that turns out to be true or not remains to be seen, but certainly, so much deception has already been uncovered in so many areas of life that it is wisest to remain open to this possibility.

Tompkins’ tale reaffirms that the extraordinary story of humanity, and the depth of the worldwide conspiracy, cannot possibly be grasped without comprehending the reality of ET interference in our past and current ET influence and control over our affairs.

Thank you William Tompkins for bravely coming forward with your story and knowledge.


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Makia Freeman is the editor of alternative media / independent news site The Freedom Articles and senior researcher at, writing on many aspects of truth and freedom, from exposing aspects of the worldwide conspiracy to suggesting solutions for how humanity can create a new system of peace and abundance.















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24 Responses to This Whistleblower Goes to Places You’ve Never Been To Before …

  1. bluewater Reply

    March 17, 2017 at 12:08 am

    William Tompkins is not a whistleblower. He was given permission by THE NAVY. In other words they are doing SOFT DISCLOSURE.They are preparing the masses with a small amount of the truth which has been hidden from humanity for millions of years…THE TRUE HISTORY OF THIS PLANET is not what is in the man made BIBLE and The FICTITIOUS HISTORY taught in academia. The man made RELIGIONS are ENDING.. the young ones do not believe the fairy tales anymore…They do not work anymore, so the writing is on the wall…THE NEW GOD will be an ET.
    THE JEWISH MESSIAH which is the ANTI CHRIST..the bringer of light..LUCIFER… will come for THE NEW AGE..our savior in THE many will be HOODWINKED AGAIN???
    The big lie is that they are not coming..NOPE boys and girls…they have been here for MILLIONS OF YEARS!!!!
    in his own words
    He is correct on many points..ALL astronauts are FREEMASONS because they know how to keep a secret.
    Reptilians have kept humanity in chains for eons to use us for work and for food…The wars are necessary and the missing children are necessary for taking them OFF PLANET for work and to be eaten.
    The MOON and SATURN are part of mind control…but THE SHEEPLE are more interested in SATANIC HOLLYWOOD,PORN,DANCING WITH THE STARS and getting drunk watching a SATANIC SUPERBOWL or MTV,OSCARS,EMMYS AWARD SHOW or SPORTS with their favorite SATANIC SUPERSTAR who makes millions a year to influence you..IT IS CALLED THE DUMBING OF AMERIKA..hey the latest gossip from SATANIC HOLLYWOOD is we have TWO SATANIC ENTITIES now dating..JLO and AROD…what happened to SATANIC ANGELINA JOLIE and BRAD PITT who are SATANISTS?

  2. bluewater Reply

    March 17, 2017 at 2:17 am

    The Bigger Picture: The Awakening, The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge of the Ages of Humanity; Secret Operations and Mind-Control
    Table of Contents
    The Plan to Rule the Universe
    Secret Operations; The Awakening
    Collapsing the Original Universe into a Manageable Artificially Compressed “Footprint” Universe
    The Origins of the Human Race
    “Invader” Races (from other time)
    Elite Bloodlines and Advanced Technology
    The Destruction of a Timeline
    The Timeloop Paradox: The Oroboros (possibly natural and artificial)
    The Bigger Threat: The Hive Mind Parasite
    The Earth Defense Forces
    Hyperspatial “Time-Virus” AI Organism
    The Origins of the Time-Matrix
    The Demi-gods, False-Creators, Archons
    Collapsed into an Artificial Dimension
    The Singularity
    Retro-Causality: to Nullify Existence or Not to Nullify Existence?
    The ARK-Ship Protocol
    The Artificially Propagated Beginning of “Mankind”
    The Soul Harvesting, Time-Matrix Enslavement System
    The Cosmic Simulation
    The Balance Between the Past and the Future; Autopoiesis
    The Fear-Based Mind-Control Agendas
    The Star-Treaties; Contracts over Earth
    Created Beings…Creating Beings…and So on….A Deception?
    The Interchangeability of Relativity in Distance of Time and Space
    The Beginning of the “Unveiling” of the Hidden Knowledge
    Created Beings, AI, Genetic Harvesting Agendas; To Re-Start the Matrix
    Shutting off the ‘Chakra’ Energy Harvesting System
    The Higher Realm; A Temporally Stable Civilization (no loops)
    The 7 Harmonic Layer Universal Simulation
    A Dimensional Bridge (across the void-barrier)
    Compressed Time and Other Races
    Supercomputers: Powerful Enough to Simulate Reality and Actually Influence Reality
    Supercomputer Gateways
    The Programming Code of Reality
    Ancient Technology and Civilizations
    The Magnetic Shifts: Memory Loss, Higher and Lower Genetic Awareness (DNA activation)
    Agendas to Suppress the Truth, Plans to Inform and Save Earth
    Change Is a Constant
    Belief and the Generation of the Holographic Reality
    And let’s just be aware and keep in mind that these factions could be claiming to be responsible for much more than they actually are.
    The Plan to Rule the Universe
    Long story short, they want to own the entire world and for all intents and purposes before the 2013 breaking of the original treaty (due to a time cycle being reached and the increasing awareness of the population).
    They use advanced technology, and desire to own the entire “universe”. They being secretive controller factions which unlimited wealth, corruption, power and scope. Through the use of very advanced technology and spiritual knowledge they may have done just that.
    Secret Operations; The Awakening
    I was involved with these groups starting as a child through experimentation and trauma-based mind control for a private military and I was rescued by a breakaway military faction called Solar Warden, years ago.

  3. bluewater Reply

    March 17, 2017 at 10:09 pm

    Antarctica….there is proof on GOOGLE EARTH of stairs going into a huge opening(also Pyramid and ET technology)if it has not been deleted….is it the INNER EARTH? there is definitely a civilization in INNER EARTH both now and in another dimension.
    An answer to a previous post by Makia here before I discovered this site about FLAT EARTH……This is a PSYOP to discredit what has been found in Antarctica.
    Everything we have been told is a LIE. Time and SPACE is an ILLUSION. ETS are coming from other dimensions.
    WE as humanity are in an Awakening Period…the end of the old paradigm. There is not going to be FULL DISCLOSURE,but many hidden secrets will be revealed.
    We are not in the 3rd dimension any longer,we are in the 4th and soon will be in 5d.

  4. bluewater Reply

    March 18, 2017 at 1:10 am

    Here is how you can cancel your contracts…..


    • Olga Reply

      March 30, 2017 at 8:43 am

      Bluewater,I’ve read all your posts with great interest and wanna thank you for them in reply.I’ve copied down “How To Concel Contracts” and gonna work at it and give it to my friends and relatives (though they don’t know english..)All the best to you and yours! -Olga from Russia.

      • bluewater Reply

        March 31, 2017 at 1:09 am

        You are welcome Olga. I knew before reading your letter that you were Russian. I was in Ukraine a few years ago. I fell in Love with the country and the people. That is why they want to steal it. The land will go to MONSANTO as it is the bread basket to RUSSIA and EUROPE. The gas has already been given to BIG O(EXXON,CHEVRON) since the man in charge there is JOE BIDEN’S SON,A jesuit freemason. the real reason there is war in the eastern part is because they are stealing that land since that is were all the factories are located. The president of Ukraine..PORKY is a DUAL ISRAELI,FREEMASON who married a Ukrainian woman and uses her last name so nobody knows anything. THE JEWS want to make it a homeland for THE JEWS,that is why THE USA with SOROS funded the
        $ 5 BILLION orange revolution.

      • bluewater Reply

        April 3, 2017 at 3:24 pm

        Ukraine is now almost BROKE!..out of Money. So they are asking RUSSIA if they can go back with RUSSIA….Imagine how mad that makes OBAMA,CLINTON,BUSH,McCain,Clinton,Nato,Israel

  5. alex jacques Reply

    March 18, 2017 at 11:43 am

    very interesting but also very unlikely. It all makes a good read but nothing else. .If we accept all this that is written,what will we gain?. Exactly nothing. Just as Hitler, Stalin, and all world leaders as well as all previous Kings did at one time exist and rule, they are all in the past and have died and gone on. So will we. The most wealthy humans on this planet believe that they are above everyone else. Of course we know this is only a belief on their part. The most wealthy humans on this planet have gained their wealth for only one reason. To continue their existence. many humans can exist quite well without wealth as many do. There is no such thing as truth just as there is no such thing as a lie. There are only statements. And they serve no purpose.So, keep an open mind and believe nothing,or disbelieve everything.

  6. Freespirit Reply

    March 18, 2017 at 4:56 pm

    From this article- “William Tompkins likes to say throughout his interviews that everything you’re told is a lie“.

    THAT is the RULE of the ILLUMINATI, also – that they must warns us of their intentions and it can be done by deceit

    Could Tompkins be, Illuminati, and telling us, that. even he is lying???

    I am willing to BET he is.

  7. bluewater Reply

    March 18, 2017 at 6:42 pm

    Cannot a soul be a ‘service-to-self’ soul and also not be controlled by the Illuminati’s ‘service-to-self’ agenda?
    Could it not be that Donald Trump is a rogue service-to-self soul, a freedom seeker operating in contrast to the highest expression of light?
    Cannot souls be drawn to Donald Trump’s ‘Uranian’/’rogue’ nature merely because they have been heretofore ‘enslaved’ and are now waking up?
    Do they then continue to align with this rogue energy because it fuels their thirst for freedom, but not necessarily their desire to love and serve others?
    Cannot a catalyst like Donald Trump, or a catalytic event such as his election, be in and of itself ‘the gift’… in this case setting off a deep search for truth in each soul?
    Does being ‘rogue’, and in contrast to the prevailing controlling forces, in and of itself make someone truthful?

  8. bluewater Reply

    March 18, 2017 at 7:31 pm

    Max Speirs Lost His life To Get This Out. Pizzagate Victim, Supersoldier, Montauk, Sex Trafficking and Satanism,Reptilian Rituals and experiments,MIND CONTROL MK ULTRA,NAZI GREYS,BIG

  9. bluewater Reply

    March 24, 2017 at 1:37 pm

    Black Knight Satellite
    Secret Wikileaks Footage released by Russia

    Secret Wikileaks Footage Claims to Show Mysterious Black Knight Satellite Being Shot Down.
    Uncovered video shows ‘Illuminati destroying 13,000-year-old alien satellite built to keep an eye on humankind’
    The Black Knight craft is famous among alien hunters who claim it was planted by another race thousands of years ago in order to keep a watch over us

  10. bluewater Reply

    March 27, 2017 at 10:46 pm

    Information about the discoveries in Antarctica and that they say there will be disclosure coming out fairly soon about what they have found there.
    However, the ancient alien bodies and technology have already been removed and that will NOT be disclosed as being there.

  11. bluewater Reply

    March 28, 2017 at 8:16 pm


  12. bluewater Reply

    March 29, 2017 at 2:09 pm

    US Air Force Officials Investigate Claims of Secret Navy Space Program

  13. bluewater Reply

    March 30, 2017 at 5:16 pm

  14. bluewater Reply

    March 31, 2017 at 2:05 am

    The late great William Cooper in his book BEHOLD A PALE HORSE and in his radio shows, for me was the first one to open the doors about the JFK MURDER by our own government. He stated that it was the limousine driver who fist shot can see
    photos at
    He was able to give so much information into what really goes on and who is in control..THE SECRET SOCIETIES who they assumed he was a part of and was given access to it…

  15. bluewater Reply

    April 1, 2017 at 9:30 pm

    The Occult Extraterrestrial War – America’s Secret Space Fleet

  16. bluewater Reply

    April 22, 2017 at 8:49 pm

    Bases in America 2017 Sharilyn Healing Spirit Part One

    • bluewater Reply

      April 25, 2017 at 7:40 pm

      Water is a reflection of its environment and it stores that information indefinitely.
      All life as we know it is entirely dependent upon water to survive. The surface of Earth is 70% water, so, too are humans, reaching upwards of 90% water composition. The human brain and heart are considered to be about 73% water, and lungs approximately 83% water.
      Masaru Emoto
      He found that positive frequencies created beautiful hexagonal symmetry while negative wavelengths took on chaotic, disorganized formations:

  17. Gareth T Reply

    June 8, 2017 at 4:02 pm

    Interesting read, but a load of crap and I’m no sceptic and have a great interest in ancient history, UFOs etc but the latter part of this article is just, LOL

    • bluewater Reply

      June 9, 2017 at 11:54 pm

      Here is some crap for you..

      All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

      WHAT Is NASA Hiding In This Area Of Space? 6/8/17

  18. bluewater Reply

    June 17, 2017 at 1:28 pm

    Val Thor visits THE PENTAGON as told by Frank Stranges

    • Haze Reply

      June 24, 2017 at 5:37 am

      Hello Bluewater, I was wondering if you know anything about angi-aging top secret technologies? Why would William Tompkins talk about that, is it some kind of disinformation?

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